Together Freedom

January 2023 Updates and Prayer Requests

We are currently serving 7 girls. Each of these girls has a unique and incredible story. We consider it a privilege to walk alongside them in their healing journey.

Here’s an update on the girls in our care. We ask that you join us in prayer for these girls as they work through their healing, learn more about who they are, and work towards completing their education. (Note: Names are changed for the protection of the girls)


Mary came to us with no memory of what had happened to her, but has recently learned the details of her abuse. She is in therapy and has a therapy pet that goes with her everywhere. She is struggling to reconcile what she has learned about her experiences.



When Lydia came to us she understandably struggled with anger but since being with us she has felt seen, more at ease, grown softer, and has experienced peace. She has grown introspective and thoughtful and seeks counsel from those around her. She continues to navigate the complexities of healing with the support of our staff.



Joanna graduated our program a year ago and has decided to stay with us as she continues her education and plans to graduate within the year. She has continued regular visits with her family and seen and experienced God’s healing in their relationships.



Abigail experienced sexual exploitation for the first few years of her life. She came to us to help her process and heal from her experiences. She has graduated from the program and is working towards graduating high school. She looks forward to starting her new life and working with kids.



Sarah experienced sexual exploitation for the first few years of her life before being adopted. She has grown leaps and bounds in the program, but still struggles with the memories of her experience, fear of abandonment, and rejection.



Rebecca is one of our newest girls at the campus. She spent 6 months in a treatment center after she was rescued. She believes that she was in the situation she was in by her choice and does not recognize that she was being taken advantage of. She is engaging, well rounded, nurturing and has great social skills and is working towards breaking the cycle for her family.



Esther is our youngest girl on campus. She joined us after it was discovered she was being groomed by two different men starting when she was nine. She doesn’t think that anything is wrong with these relationships but her dad and our staff are committed to helping her stay away from these relationships and heal.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers, we couldn’t do it without you.

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