Together Freedom


Together Freedom is proud to work with other organizations in order to help rescued victims receive everything they need. Below are a few of the outside organizations Together Freedom has collaborated with.

U.S Institute Against Human Trafficking
The U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking intends to end Human Trafficking in the United States through prevention, combating demand, the rescue of victims, and providing safe refuge for the restoration of survivors. USIAHT is a nonprofit, faith-based organization anointed by God to fight against human trafficking in America with truth and integrity, showing the love of Jesus Christ to all involved. With offices in Tampa, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Austin, USIAHT is addressing the national problem, and also doing so with on-the-ground services.

New Day For Children
New Day for Children, a faith based 501(c)(3) charity works with other organizations to provide restorative services for sex trafficked American children. Their goals for care and restoration of commercially exploited children, commonly known as CSEC victims, is known throughout California and Nationwide. New Day for Children has been an instrumental supporter (particularly in Northern California) in identifying and supporting rescued girls in conjunction with parents, local law enforcement and the FBI. New Day also facilitates state of the art psychological services, including horse therapy, for both the children and their parents/guardians. New Day, through its private donor network, provides tuition payments for education and safe housing. New Day also provides financial support for medical care of the girls and helps meet special needs that arise from time to time. New Day has been an important component in assisting to provide the services required by these girls.

Protect The P.A.T.H.
Protect the P.A.T.H. is dedicated and committed to eradicating human trafficking from the world, with an emphasis on ending the sex slavery of minors in American cities, communities and neighborhoods.

Three Way Thrift Store
Clothing and household assistance for community churches, social agencies, cities, schools, prison ministry and other community non-profits.

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

FACT Alliance
FACT Alliance is a coalition of activists created to fight the terrible tragedy of Human Trafficking, the Global Sex Trade and Modern Day Slavery. Our focus is on partnering with existing organizations in the building of Aftercare Facilities for victims around the world through our “Let’s Respond” Campaign via Public Awareness and special Fund Raising Initiatives.

Forever Found
Forever Found exists to support the rescue and restoration of child trafficking victims. One way we do this is through our child sponsorship programs. We have partnered with five aftercare homes around the world such as F.A.C.E.S.S, and our goal is to get every rescued child in these homes loving sponsors. These monthly sponsorship donations go not only towards the basic needs of each child, but encourage them immensely and free up funding to rescue more children!

International Justice Mission

Marist Missionary Sisters
(619) 943-9198

Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force

The Whosoevers

YKI Coaching
YKI Coaching is a Christian organization that seeks to help each individual live his or her best life! Every coach has been trained and certified using the YKI method of coaching. All coaches are trained and qualified to work in the six key areas of your life in order to help you live a balanced, productive and successful life!