Together Freedom

Raise Support

Together Freedom is a non-profit organization that is funded primarily through donations. One of the ways you can directly help us provide for the girls we care for is to use the ideas below to raise support for them.

Host a Together Freedom Get Together for Your Friends or Organization
How it WorksWe Provide for YouTo Include in Your EventAfter the Event
  1. Choose to host a dinner, dessert, BBQ, luncheon, brunch, or other event
  2. Invite Guests (we recommend inviting a minimum of 20)
  3. Charge a suggested donation amount up front or ask for donations during your event
  1. A 6-12 Minute DVD Presentation Video to be show during the event.
  2. Color Brochures explaining what Together Freedom does for rescued American children
  3. Donation Menus
  4. Donation Pledge Cards
  5. Attendance Sign-In Sheets
  1. Short introduction to Together Freedom
  2. Our presentation video
  3. Share our needs list and ways to get involved
  4. Pass out contact information/donation cards and collect donations
  5. Pass out pledge cards
  6. Ask If anyone would be willing to host a Get Together event of their own
  1. Please mail all donation cards and donations to our corporate office:
    Together Freedom
    27890 Clinton Keith Rd..
    Murrieta, CA 92562
  2. Upon receiving this information, we will send tax receipts to all donors
    *Please be sure all donors include thier address on their donation card for this purpose.
Change for Change
Collect loose coins…. This is a fun thing to do with children as well as adults. Many schools and organizations are happy to participate.
Bake Sale, Garage Sale, or Car Wash
Bake Sale
Everyone loves baked goodies! Whether on a busy corner in your neighborhood or at a local event in your community – you can raise funds and awareness to the issue of American children being sold for sex.
Garage Sale
Everyone has closets to clean out and stuff to get rid of. Garage Sales are a great way to create some space in your home while also raising funds and awareness. Kids can help too and are often motivated to let go of more things if they know it is helping other children.
Be sure to make clear where you are donating the money. People will often be willing to pay more if they realize their money is going to the rescue and care of trafficking victims.
Car Wash
Car washes are a great way to bring a group of friends or teams together for a great purpose. Many businesses will be happy to host you and may even be willing to sponsor or contribute to your event.
Donation Matching
Do you or someone you know or work for need tax write-offs for a business or corporation? While funds are always needed, there are many other ways you may be able to help.
Consider donating in one of the following ways:

  • Services – Do you have a service that could be a benefit?
  • Products – Do you have a product or supplies are able to use?
  • Monthly Sponsorship – Commit to a monthly donation amount.
  • Adopt a Child Sponsorship – Provide the funding for a girl’s care.
  • Provide a dollar amount you would be willing to match if raised at a Together Freedom fundraiser.
  • If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us at

Partner with a local restaurant to donate funds
Many establishments will donate a portion of the day’s profit to a designated worthy cause (we are happy to send information if needed). All you would need to do is set up a specific day with a local restaurant owner and spread the word!
You can send out invites through social media or signage at your place of work, church, school, or neighborhood.
We are happy to post your event on our website and social media as well, so please be sure to send us your event details at
Gift Wish
Do friends and family always wonder what to give you for birthdays or special occasions because you tell them you don’t need anything? Consider suggesting they make a donation to Together Freedom in your name.

If you are having a party, you could tell guests, “In lieu of gifts, please bring donations for Together Freedom”. You could include our web address for friends to learn about us if they want more information.

If you have questions or need more information about any of these suggestions, please email

All monies raised can be mailed to our corporate office:
Together Freedom
27890 Clinton Keith Rd.
Suite D266
Murrieta, CA 92562

A tax receipt will be sent for checks received to each donor at the address listed on the check unless otherwise noted.