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Sex Trafficking in the United States
It is estimated that 20,000 – 30,000 American children are recruited or forced into sex trafficking in the United States every year.

Most people are aware that sex trafficking is a world-wide problem. However, we have found that many are not aware of how prevalent the problem is here in the U.S. and that it is American children who are the victims.

Together Freedom’s goal is to not only bring awareness to this issue, but to also do something about it by providing care for rescued victims and working with law enforcement in the prosecution of the traffickers.

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The purpose of the Rescue to Restoration Dinner is to help us open a home in Southern California to provide safety and security to American children that have been victimized by sex trafficking.

Come hear about our future plans and the care and services that Together Freedom provides for the children we rescue.


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Together Freedom’s Purpose

Together Freedom is an anti-trafficking organization with the purpose of providing long and short term services and support for girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking here in the United States. The average age of these children is 13 years old. Victims are recovered daily by law-enforcement, FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security and often have very little support or resources for help.


In addition to providing long term housing to rescued victims, Together Freedom provides up to 28 areas of service and professional evaluation immediately after they are rescued. By first meeting their NEEDS, we are able to build TRUST that opens the door for HOPE and HEALING.


The first thing that we will do when a girl is rescued is assign a Case Worker to her. This will happen within the first 24 hours of us being contacted about her rescue. The case worker will then conduct a 14-day evaluation to determine all of the needs that this particular girl has. Based on the evaluation, Together Freedom will create a specific, individualized plan to meet all of her needs.

Long Term Care

One of our goals is to support the girls where they are for as long as they need and want our help. However, many of the girls fear for their safety after their rescue, or just want move to a healthier environment, and our campus in Northern California is the perfect place for rescued victims who desire a safe place or longer term assistance.

Some of the major needs that we focus on are:

  • Shelter
  • Medical Care
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Legal Assistance
  • Receiving Financial Support
  • Action Against Perpetrator(s)
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Witness Protection
  • …And much more

As you can imagine, providing or facilitating all of these needs is very costly. However, we have already had groups and organizations who have committed to providing some of these services pro bono for rescued victims.


Together Freedom provides and facilitates these services based on the funding available. You can donate directly toward the care of more victims. By donating to this program you will give Together Freedom the opportunity to serve more child victims.


“Working Together To Get Her Freedom”

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Major Contributors

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  • U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking
  • FACT Alliance
  • Galpin Ford